Effects of Therapeutic Exercises on Some Selected Drugs

  • Ayodele Teslim Onigbinde
  • O Oyerinde
  • E Talabi
  • O O Ibiyemi
  • E A Ogunsakini
  • A A Adesoye
  • R A Sheru
  • S O Oniyangi
  • O O Orijajogun


Therapeutic exercise is not just an exercise, it is a structured and dosage specific physical activity. Exercise is being used simultaneously with drugs and it has been observed to have influence on the pharmacokinetic of drugs. Similarly, most individual utilizes both exercise and drugs to maintain good health and physical fitness. Exercises and drugs play important roles in control of pain, obesity, weakness, protection against degenerative diseases, improving cardiovascular endurance and respiratory efficiency. Just like drugs, it stimulates a healing response that couples both inflammatory and anti-inflammatory mechanisms to repair, regenerate, and grow stronger tissues. There are evidences that both drugs and exercise play the same roles in some diseases; hence, there is likelihood of interactions in the physiological responses of the body. Exercise is accessible, safe, and an inexpensive anti-inflammatory medicine and it also has web-like interactions in the body unlike drugs that has a single targeted action. Physiotherapists utilize exercises in the management of conditions such as osteoarthritis, stroke, hypertension, diabetes and cardiac diseases; and most of the subjects are equally on drugs. This review showed that exercises affect pharmacokinetic variables of drugs resulting in either positive or negative influence depending on the type of drugs, exercises intensity, duration and excretory organ.


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