Opportunities for Physiotherapists in Primary Health Care in Nigeria

  • Ganiyu Oluwaleke Sokunbi Department of Physiotherapy Bayero University Kano. Kano Nigeria
Keywords: Primary Heath Care, Physiotherapy



This paper examines the concept, strength and weakness of Primary health care system (PHC) program in Nigeria, the opportunity and potential roles for physiotherapists in PHC delivery system as well as the perceived benefits of integrating physiotherapy profession into PHC delivery system in Nigeria.

Currently, physiotherapy services are available at the big cities in the urban areas of the country, thus denying the myriads of people that might need the service that could not get to the big cities either due to their health conditions or due to financial incapacitation. Emphasis for the greater involvement of physiotherapists in PHC further arose from the fact PHC system in Nigeria is not yet adequately sensitized to promoting preventative measures needed to combats chronic non communicable diseases, the health care needs of the elderly and those of the people living with disability (PLWD).

In conclusion, the paper recommendsa need for an urgent reform of the mode and delivery of PHC in Nigeria with emphasis on integrating physiotherapists and other relevant health care professionals and with enhancement of intersectoral/ interdisciplinary collaborations. This integration will undoubtedly increase health care providers’satisfaction and improve patients’ outcome in both acute and chronic care settings

Keywords: Primary Heath Care, Physiotherapy



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